Kickstart the Week with Ichabod Jones: The complete Lovecraftian dark-fantasy comic

By: Nicole D’Andria All four volumes of the genre-mashing Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter are now available on the latest USA Today bestselling author Russell Nohelty’s latest Kickstarter campaign. This dark fantasy horror-comedy is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands and Cthulhu mythos. However, the twist is that it takes place in a Christian Apocalypse.

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Kickstart the Week with Puppet Theater: The Fool #1

By: Nicole D’Andria The first issue of Puppet Theater: The Fool is just the beginning of a six-part journey seeking to transcend space-time and bridge the gap between past and present. This medieval sci-fi draws inspiration from works like Saga and Game Of Thrones.

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Superman Has a Secret Sidekick? + Guest DJ Keawekane Talks Exillion!


Superman has a Sidekick in World’s Finest called Boy Thunder? We discuss this and welcome special guest DJ Keawekane on the show to talk about his Kickstarter for EXILLION: Creed of the Knightenhawke!

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