Ghostbusters #15 Review

I only got three comics this week, which is a nice change of
pace from the past two weeks. The comics I got this week were All-New X-Men #2,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #16 and Ghostbusters #15. All great comics in
there own right but for some reason my mind just told me that the first book
that I had to read was Ghostbusters. I think the reason I went for Ghostbusters
in particular is because every time I read an issue I can just completely chill
out and relax.  You have your Amazing
Spider-Man and other books for complexity, but this book is great to just
relax. This is what this comic is for in my eyes and it does a fantastic job of
If you haven’t been reading this book, I’ll fill you in on
the part of this particular story arc which you have missed. Basically death
has been trapped in a bag by a dying kid, he however doesn’t know the
consequences of doing so. With no death the spirits of all dead people are left
to roam the earth and not taken for resting. This obviously causes a huge
increase in business for the ghostbusters as the amount of paranormal activity
in the city increases.  Soon others want
to get in on the action and start there own team,called the Ghost-Smashers. However
instead of just trapping, they destroy the ghosts. They soon take all of the
Ghostbusters business and leave plenty of time for Egor to research there
method, his conclusion is, that ghosts are made of matter and matter can not be
destroyed it can only be moved. This means that eventually the ghosts will
return and they will be worse than ever.
And that’s where we kick this issue off, All the ghosts have
returned in the form of a giant ghost cloud and the Ghostbusters are in the mayor’s
office along with the Ghost-smashers. Trying to come up with a plan to get rid
of the cloud. They believe that the traps they have will capture the ghosts but
they just don’t have “that kind of range”. That’s when Ray comes up
with idea to get as close as possible to the ghosts by using his home-made
helicopter. It works, however the traps don’t hold and they release what I
believe to be a giant demon, when they decide to fight back against this demon
there regular means just aren’t working and they are contemplating “crossing
the streams”. When suddenly we cut to the boy who had trapped death in his
backpack. He decides to release death and sacrifice himself for the good of New
York. When he does this he passes away and Death flies into the demon thus
sending all the spirits of the people that had died into resting.
Overall this issue was a good read, the story and dialogue
was well written and  ties up all the
lose ends to this story arc. The humour that we expect from the Ghostbusters is
in there but isn’t as prominent as in other issues. The art in this book by Dan
Schoening is also really good, it blends well with the story and doesn’t
distract you to much, the classic cartoon style adds a relaxing effect to the
book and makes it easy to read.
I got exactly what I wanted out of this book, and that’s was
a relaxing book with good writing and art. If that is what you look for in a
comic or you just love the Ghostbusters than this is a comic to pick up! I
couldn’t recommend this series enough.
– Simon
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Story – 4/5
Art – 4/5
Overall Score 4/5

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