Thor #2 Review

The second
issue of the Marvel Now series, Thor, is here and let me say upfront…it does
not disappoint! The story picks up where it left off in the first issue, with
Thor examining the scene of the gods’ deaths. He remembers the time he
encountered a god murdering demon that he fought rigorously, barely surviving.
This new threat poses many good questions for new issues to come about this god
killing creature. The bulk of the issue is this memory, but it is exciting and
adrenaline pinching to read!
new Thor series seems promising under the writing direction of Jason Aaron.
Both issues have been exceptionally well and could potentially draw in a new
fan base because of the whole Marvel Now thing. This series has shown a new
dimension to Thor’s character, one that is not so indestructible and that’s
what I think has made it so good. Thor is a more relatable character in this
series and that’s what makes this series more approachable to read. This story
arc has been promising so far and I cannot wait to see where it goes!
art for this series complements the writing so well. Great art with a great
story makes for one hell of a read! Esad Ribic’s penciling captivates the
intensity of what action is supposed to be in the fight scenes. The action is
high paced and leaves the viewer wanting more. All of the art was great
including the cover.
conclusion, Thor #2 is a great read! I also recommend picking up the first
issue but one can start from this issue without a problem. As I said before I
think this series has quite a lot of potential to draw in a new fanbase. I once
was not a Thor fan at all but this series has changed my opinion greatly! I
give this issue a 5 out of 5! 
~ Reviewed By Luke Widlund

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