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Everyone, welcome to DarkAvengerINC’s newest project. We have been working to
get written reviews for you guys for a while. So, I am glad that we finally
have this project up. I am just making this blog post that way you can get to
know all the writers that will be providing reviews and articles for you guys.
I hope you all enjoy the site as much as we do!
NOTE: To check out some of the reviewers at DarkAvengerINC that may write a
review here and there. Than go check out our video reviews at DarkAvengerINC
Nicole D’Andria
An all-around nerdette, I’m a comic book
connoisseur, horror aficionado, video game addict and an aspiring
novelist/comic book writer who is the head of the comic book department at
Entertainment Fuse.  I write and edit reviews, news stories and features
about comic books from any publisher and
enjoy helping out the indie guys and giving shout outs – regardless, my reviews
are always critical and address every relevant aspect of a comic from storyline
to colors.  But I hope to begin frequently reviewing other media such as
video games, movies, TV shows, novels and music – though I should probably
first address the thousands of comic books in my closet that I’m often trying
to find the time to read.  You’ll also often find me frequently ranting
about the lack of uniqueness in comic book stories today, sub-par artwork and
my personal pet peeve: comic book covers.     
Enjoy my comic know-how… and many failed
attempts at making you laugh.
My work is posted on both twitter and tumblr
and collected on my personal webpage named after my personal moniker, Comic
Kat West AKA Comic Uno (Editor/ Writer)
Hey guys I am Kat. I am most known
for my comic book show I do on YouTube called Comic Uno. I am also one of the
many great reviewers on DarkAvengerINC. We all do a podcast show on Tuesdays
called the Dark Avenger Live Cast. I started my love of talking about comics on
the internet in 2009 when I joined Comic Vine where I still contribute greatly
to. I am a crew member at BKBN (Big Kids Big News). I have also been a writer
for the comic section at EntertainmentFuse since January 2012.  
DarkAvengerINC’s Youtube Channel:
Dark Avenger Live Cast:
My Twitter Page:
Comic Vine Profile Page:
BKBN Profile Page:
Tony Goodwyn (Writer)
Tony lives and works in Houston, TX.  He
started reading comic books as a teenager, and currently reads and reviews all
kinds, though superhero comics remain his first love.  He has written
comic reviews and topics on his blog, The Comics Cove,
and moderated and spoken at various comics events in the Houston area.  He
recently dressed up as symbiote suit Spider-Man for Halloween, much to the
delight of his co-workers.
Widlund (Writer)
everybody, my name is Luke, which means bringer of light! (I looked it up!) I’m
a carefree and loving person who likes to have a good time no matter what! My
personality is vibrant and approachable. My idol is actually my mom, but that
doesn’t create good conversation! My true idol is Marilyn Monroe but the
reasons are too long and too many to explain here!
Dixon (Writer)
Hello, I’m Simon but I’m also known as MritalkApple
on YouTube. I’m a fan of all things pop culture but mainly comic books. I have
been reading comics for about 1 year now. My favourite super hero is
Spider-man which I’m sure is the same as a lot if comic fans. My favourite
writer is Mark Waid and my favourite comics are Daredevil & The
Walking Dead. I look forward to hopefully putting up some cool articles which
you guys/gals will hopefully enjoy.
Tammy AKA RazzaTazz (Writer)
Hi all!  My name is Tammy!  I
know Kat through Comic Vine where I am a moderator.  I have been reading
comics for a long time and have been reading Wonder Woman since I was pretty
young.  I guess like most people my reasons for liking the medium change
over time, and now I like it as a source of inspiration for writing, not to
copy stories, but because comics are pretty amazing as they can cover every
genre and are limited only by the imagination of the writer and the artist.   

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