All-New X-Men #2 Review

I have never been the biggest fan of the X-men. When I was a kid I only liked a character if they had a movie. I never liked the X-Men movies for the fact that the sheer amount of characters was too much for my young mind to comprehend. However more recently I re-watched the X-Men movies and I really enjoyed them. So I decided to give the comics a chance and I started picking up Wolverine & the X-men, which is fantastic by the way. This book made me like X-Men more and more. So, when I heard that there was going to be a “All-New X-men” book, I got pretty excited and I must say the series so far is not disappointing.
The cover to this issue is really great, Stuart Immonen does a fantastic job of creating a conjoined cover between this and issue one. This allows us to see a comparison between the two teams. Beast and Wolverine are drawn particularly well and the emotion outputted by them and the rest of the characters is great. The background of the issue is dark and dingy, which I don’t normally like when it comes to a cover however it matches with the emotions of the X-Men perfectly.
This issue picks up where the last issue ended. Beast is still in the past and after revealing a few major secrets. He manages to convince the original X-Men to come forward into the future to help him fix the current problems that they are having.  When they get to the future, Wolverine is the first one to notice them and he actually attacks the X-Men. Everyone meets and then unfortunately Beast collapse. Beast tells Scott that he needs to confront himself or he will bring about the mutant apocalypse. After a long conversation between the X-Men, A news report announces that a new mutant has been discovered. That’s where they figure Present Scott will go, so they set off after him.
This issue isn’t the most action packed and concentrates more on the reactions of the X-men. It’s a set up issue for what is to come. We see the classic long dialogue that we always see with Bendis. So, if you’re not a fan of his then this isn’t the issue for you. Even though the dialogue is long it managed to keep me engrossed in the book all the way through.It answers questions you may of asked yourself last issue, and gives you some questions for future issues. The little action the book has is added at the right time to break up these long sequences. The speech in this book flows brilliantly and this how you would imagine someone from the past would react to the present. The time travel aspect is controlled fantastically by Bendis, he mentions the repercussions that could come from visiting the past. This is something that is regularly skipped over by other writers delving into time travel.
Awesome action panel from Stuart Immonen
Stuart Immonen pencils this issue and shows off his fantastic talent for drawing. The emotion he displayed through the faces and the body language of the characters gives you an insight into what these characters are thinking. In my opinion he draws Beast, Wolverine, and Iceman best. Even though there is little action in the book, it is easily understood with clear movement and positioning of character. The  best scene was where Wolverine attacks the X-Men of the past. This makes me really excited to see what an all-out battle would look like in the artist’s eyes for the future.
Overall this was a really strong issue, the only problem I can see someone having with this book is the lack of action. This paired with long dialogue sequences could bore some people.  If this isn’t a problem for you, I would say defiantly pick this up!
Story – 4.5/5
Art – 5/5
Overall Score 4.5/5

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