The Hawkeye Initiative Pokes Fun at Ridiculous Female Poses in Comics

One of many re-imaginings of female poses
in comics, this time with Hawkeye. 

A new Tumblr page is taking various poses of women in comics and replacing them with artists’ renditions of Hawkeye in the same positions.  It is the latest, and arguably most amusing, response to the depiction of women in comics, which are often considered sexist and skewed to appeal to male readership.

While the artwork ranges from novice to skilled, the theme remains constant: put Hawkeye into the same spine-breaking poses, skimpy outfits, and suggestive expressions that are so commonly portrayed by women in superhero comic books.  The artists who participate are taking their drawings and pairing them with the original cover or panel from which they drew their inspiration, making for some alternately amusing, disturbing, and flat-out hilarious comparisons.  All are enlightening in that they highlight a well-known double standard in comics that tends to receive plenty in the way of discussion, but little in the way of real change.

Reactions to The Hawkeye Initiative have ranged from amusement to consternation among comics fans.  However you may feel about this kind of project, it stands to reason that they won’t go away as long as there are those who feel this is an issue within comics that needs to be discussed or dealt with.  In the meantime, the Tumblr is picking up plenty of publicity and participation, for those souls willing to brave its gender-switching depths.

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