Avengers #1 Review

                                           MARVEL NOW: Avengers #1

                      The new Avengers series is here for the Marvel Now line up, and I don’t mean as in like “The New Avengers”, I mean like an Avengers series that’s new! (Just to clear that up!) Anywho, the story begins with the Avengers team facing off against a set of new villains, who go by the names Ex Nihilo, Abyss, and Aleph. Let me just say the encounter with these new powerful villains..does not go well as our beloved superheroic team gets pummeled! This leads to only one option, which is to expand the team to greater forces!
                     For the first issue I thought this was a good start to this new series. Albeit I do feel like the idea of expanding the Avengers is kinda been there done that so I wasn’t that over excited when that happened in this issue. The unique part of this expansion though is the roster of heroes, which I think will make for an interesting mix. The members of the Avengers who faced off against the new villains are the same ones from the movie! I don’t know if that was intentional but it didn’t really bother me being that these characters have good relations and interactions with each other. Jonathan Hickman’s writing was very good, specifically his dialogue. I don’t know why but it flowed smoothly, which made it easy and enjoyable to read.

                      The art was great in this issue! Jerome Opena did wonderful executing the action and emotions of the characters. Hickman and Opena have great potential working together on this series! There were a number of covers to this issue and I chose the original one to purchase. It’s a general team profile shot, which looks good. The other covers were great, especially the one of Deadpool dancing to Gangam Style! (That song will forever be embedded in our minds and culture now!)

                       This series is coming out TWICE a month! This is a good thing because I really enjoyed this first issue and waiting for just one issue a month would be painstaking! My only wish is for the price to lower to $2.99 so it’s ever so slightly more affordable to buy twice a month but it’s only a dollar so whatever. I highly reccomend this issue for people who are new to the Avengers. I give it a 4.5 out of 5!!

– Luke Widlund!

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