Review – Red She Hulk #60

Who can’t love what this cover
promises?  A battle between Marvel
heavies Red She Hulk, Captain Marvel and Thor? 
Except … it doesn’t actually happen. 
This is what drew me randomly to this issue this week, as it seemed like
an interesting premise, but other than a bit of talk at the front of the issue,
nothing really happens between the three. 
So where does that leave the rest of the issue?  On surprisingly steady ground actually.  The issue doesn’t focus so much on Red She
Hulk at all, or at least she is absent for the second act which forms the focus
of the issue. 

In this part Machine Man talks
with a child about a strange technology which is using the Earth itself as a
machine, and from which he can see a pot-apocalyptic kind of future.  This is most definitely the more interesting part
of the issue as it involves some real originality and imagination (as well as a
couple of interesting cameos.)  With the
weight of the issue here the following team-up between Machine Man and Red She
Hulk is explained, though the same atmosphere is not maintained so well.  Definitely this issue is center heavy.
In terms of the art, it is not
the best form for an action packed issue as it tends to lack a fluid style to
make it conducive to the developments. 
It all still works though, just maybe not as effectively as it could
have.  The issue ends up being pretty
well done (even if I did come in for the middle of a story arc) and there is
not much really holding it back in a lot of ways.  Most readers would find this enjoyable, even
those without much exposure to the characters. 
4 /5 

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