The Walking Dead #105 Review

There are a lot of great characters in The Walking Dead. However everybody has their favorite from the series, and mine is Carl. So as you could expect I was pretty excited for this story arc and so far it has not been a disappointment.
Last issue ended with Carl’s capture after sneaking into Negan’s camp and killing 6 of his men. This issue is a direct follow up from that and sees Carl getting familiar with Negan and his “group” of survivors. He is given the grand tour by Negan.
That’s all that really happens with this issue however the way Kirkman words the issue along with the great dialogue between Negan and his survivor makes it much more than that. We delve deeper into the darkness that is Negan and get to see how he acts around his own people. Carl’s character is explored in this issue. His tough exterior is managed to be carved away by Negan when he talks about Lori. It shows us just how much of a strong character Negan is and his ability to control others emotions to get what he wants. This is why he is leader of this so called “group”. All throughout the issue Kirkman is building up the suspense as to what is going to happen to Carl. There are a few choice words and actions done by Negan that make you think “Oh no, is this it?”. The suspense is still building in my opinion after the issue is finished and makes me wish that I could read on. What is going to happen to Carl? We’ll just have to wait and see. 
The art in this issue is as always, fantastic. Adlard brings the characters to life and displays their emotions well, which is hard to do with images. The drawings are easy to understand and lets you concentrate on the amazing dialogue. Although the action is minimal the scenes we do get to see are smooth and easy to understand. The fact that this comic is in black and white has always been one of my favorite things about the series. This issue uses it well to show the dark and gritty tone of the book. The cover is once again beautiful, another cover focusing on Carl but this time with more of a close up shot. If you look into Carl’s eye you can see the amazing detail that has been added. 
Overall this was an extremely strong issue. Focusing less on action and more on characters. We delve deep into what makes Negan tick and how he controls his “group” of survivors. The dialogue is extremely smooth and well written and along with the art, it portrays characters emotions perfectly. The suspense is continuously built up in this issue and makes the reader worry about Carl. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good character study. If your already picking up The Walking Dead then there is no reason to miss it! 

Writing – 5/5
Art – 5/5
Overall – 5/5
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