Batwoman issue #15 review!

                  So the new issue of Batwoman is here and the focus is on Maggie, not batwoman. This issue is heavily thematic, in that, it deals with the theme of constraint and repression. The sound of chains serve as the main motif in this issue, inspiring the idea of bondage. Being that Maggie is the main character in this issue, she relates the sound of chains to that of her feelings of resentment agains her family and the church, because both “condemns” her of her homosexuality. The chains also symbolize Maggie constantly repressing her anger against certain aspects of her life. Maggie is trying to find the missing children from the wheeping woman, but amidst that is the chaos that Medusa is providing Gotham. The issue ends exactly where it starts, Maggie looking up at Batwoman with a lot of hope and redeemed faith in God.
                    I really enjoyed the thematic aspect of this issue. I think it is very impressive when a writer is able to properly execute themes through their characters. Although I wasn’t exactly satisfied with this issue. It was definitely a filler and was not necessary, however, it did add good development towards Maggie’s character. The reason I am disappointed is because this issue is very close to the end of the story arc and I figured that a lot would happen. Unfortunately Batwoman is in this issue for two pages in freefall. If you’re not a fan of Maggie’s character than do not expect much from this issue.
                  Along with a lack of Batwoman, there was a lack of J.H. Williams III’s art in this issue! His art is my first and favorite thing about the series, and he only drew the two pages that Batwoman was in! The main artist for this issue was Trevor MCcarthy. His art was okay but a little heavy on the dark ink. The cover for this issue was gorgeous, as per usual.
                  Like I said, if you aren’t really interested in Maggie’s character- skip this issue. It won’t make much of a difference. But if you don’t mind or even like her character than this is an okay read. I hope next issue tops this and we see more Batwoman and more J.H. Williams III! I give this issue a 3 out of 5! Borrow it from a friend!

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