Catwoman #15 Review!

                            Following Catwoman’s run in with the Joker, she receives a new mission. That mission is to steal this diamond from a hell dimesion that has great power. That’s pretty much the basis of the whole issue, that and the spiraling degradation of this series.
                          I don’t know what it is but Ann Nocenti cannot get in touch with Selena’s character. I mean this writing is just very difficult to even tolerate when reading. Catwoman, in this issue, is just annoying. Almost everything she says is either a cliche or slang trying to make her look modern. Whenever she says “dude” a part of me dies…ok maybe I just get a little irritated! A woman of her caliber, or at least as I remember, sounded like an adult. The way she’s written in these past few issues is just terrible. Along with Catwoman’s character not feeling right, the story is just boring! I keep saying to myself- why do I care?
                           The art in this issue was okay. I really don’t have any complaints about it. Although my general complaint about the series’ portrayal of Catwoman is overly salacious. Almost everything she does is accompanied with a sexual pose. I understand the character is sexual but there’s a fine line between sexual and exploitative.
                            I am fairly disappointed with the way this series has been going. I wouldn’t be surprised if this series gets cancelled some time soon. It has just not been good and it hasn’t been fun to read. Hopefully Catwoman will be much better to read in Justice League of America when that comes out! I give this issue a 1.5 out of 5! Stay away from this issue!

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