Batwoman #16 Review!

                       Hi everybody! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written a review, but having been on break for so long my hibernation kinda took over my schedule. But now that I’m back in school I’m on a normal routine again and I’m back to writing my weekly reviews! We are on the fourth part to the World’s Finest story arc in Batwoman. May I just say, this story arc feels as if it’s been going on forever. It has been enjoyable, but just a little too long for my liking. The last part of this arc is next issue. Everything starts to collide in this issue and we get to see how each character thinks and feels within this situation. Batwoman goes after Medusa to rescue the enslaved children of gotham, while Wonder Woman battles the enormous hydra. Medusa’s plan becomes clear when we find out she needs the blood of the children to free her mother Ceto. Her mother was banished by Zeus for her lascivious behavior and lifestyle, for he feared that she would corrupt the idyllic god society. Hence, Medusa now has the chance to free her. Abbot and his crew come to assist Batwoman in stopping Medusa, while a long awaited character stepped up to the plate to also help the situation. I’m not gonna say who it was but it’s a great surprise! The issue ends with Medusa succeeding in her plans of freeing her mother…DUHN DUHN DUHN!
                    What I liked best about this issue was the variety of character perspectives. It wasn’t just among the heroes but also Medusa’s. Personally my favorite perspective in this issue was Wonder Woman’s. By comparing her’s and Batwoman’s it’s truly interesting to see how she thinks and feels in this situation as someone above human and what their problems are. Specifically, Batwoman was worried about saving her city, friends, and Maggie. Diana’s concerns were all of this being her fault and the fact that she knows her powers are limited. The part where she wished she had some of Superman and Green Lantern’s powers was great. Most people often assume that Wonder Woman’s invincible and just another all powerful super hero. She herself realizes in that scene that she has limitations and wished she could be like Superman or Green Lantern to stop the Hydra. This brings her extremely close to humanity because as humans we constantly have insecurities and we’re always doubting ourselves. The writing was great as always and it has left me on the edge of my seat, waiting for next the next issue.
                      I will pretty much say the same thing whenever Williams does the art for Batwoman. The word vivid always comes into my head when I look at his artwork. His art just magnifies intensity and beauty. I’m always caught gazing at the pages in these issues for they just keep you enthralled and focused. An important part of the art in this series is flow. The flow of Batwoman’s actions and combats always looks amazing. The flow of the story is amazing to go through.
                      In conclusion, this issue was awesome! I didn’t have any complaints about and I think it provided an enticing gateway to the conclusion of this story arc! I give this issue a perfect score of 5 stars out of 5! Definitely pick it up!
                       – Luke Widlund

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