Green Lantern #16 Review!

                             Green Lanern #16 is here and a long awaited meeting occurs right here in this issue. Baz finally gets to see Hal and Sinestro, although it’s not a face to face meeting. He receives their message through charging his. Hal and Sinestro warn Baz about The Hand and the Guardians plot to kill all Lantern Corps. Specifically, Hal asks Baz to tell Carol Ferris that he’ll love her forever and Sinestro asks Baz to ask Arkillo for help against the guardians. Baz wants to do something with his ring before going into this great battle. He goes to the hospital to will his brother-in-law back to life. Through some miracle, Nazir rises back to life. The issue ends with Hal and Sinestro in the dead zone talking to Tomar-Re, the first lantern Hal ever met. Tomar-Re says that Volthoom, the first lantern, must be stopped because the dead demand it.
                            This issue was definitely charged with some great stuff! Finally Baz got to see Hal and Sinestro, which was cool. One little thing that bothered me was the fact that B’DG wouldn’t allow Baz to trust Sinestro because he betrayed the Green Lantern corps in the past. I feel that there are no more rules any more, being that the guardians are out to kill all lanterns. At this point the enemy of my enemy is my friend should come into effect. What I also enjoyed was the fact that Baz rose Nazir from the dead. Only a white lantern can do that and we don’t know why Baz was able to do this, but I can’t wait to find out. The writing was great as usual!
                           Mahnke’s art was great as usual. Johns and Mahnke have always been one of my favorite comic teams because the writing and art just work so well together. I can’t wait to see their work next month!
                         All in all this issue was great! I have no complaints whatsoever and I think the mass majority will like it too! I give this issue a perfect 5 out of 5! Pick it up!
                              – Luke Widlund!

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