Green Arrow #17 Review !!

                      Okay so this is my first review of Green Arrow and let me start by saying; I have not read the previous sixteen issues. I decided to read this issue because there’s a new creative team working on it and I was curious about the series. From what I heard, the series hasn’t had the best reputation. Which is why they decided to put a new team on the series to give it a new perspective and attract more readers to it. So if I have any information wrong please don’t execute me I’m only human!!
                     This issue opens up with a glimpse into Ollie’s not so distant future. He’s in the desert falling to what seems like his death. We soon learn that’s three weeks from where this issue takes place. Ollie is angry because this guy Emerson lost Queen Industries, which was given to Emerson by Ollie’s father. After they finish arguing, Emerson reveals that what’s happened to Ollie has not been accidental, specifically, Ollie’s time on the island. But before he goes on, he is shot dead with an arrow by an unknown killer. This is a clear sign and warning to Ollie that he is next to be killed. The rest of the issue revolves around Ollie being hunted by this guy named Komodo. Komodo has outmatched Ollie and just when he’s about to kill him, this guy Magus saves Ollie. The issue ends with Magus telling Ollie that he was never meant to leave the island.
                      Ever since the show Arrow came out, I can’t help but compare the two. At some points I felt like I was watching the show because the action and plot felt like I would see them on the show. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I’m not exactly crazy about the show except the guy who plays Ollie on the show is friggen gorgeous! I can’t compare the writing of Jeff Lemire’s to that of the previous writer because I never read the previous issues. From what I read I thought it was okay. I didn’t think it was that special yet still enjoyable to read.
                      My favorite part of the art in this issue was the cover. Everything about it was so interesting and easy to get lost in, which I really enjoy. The art on the inside I wasn’t crazy about. The black inks felt splotchy and heavy in some pages, whereas weak and ineffectual in others. Andrea Sorrentino’s art shows a lack of detail on the character’s faces and backgrounds. I’m sure it’s intentional for artistic purposes but I just didn’t enjoy it.
                      Personally, the most enjoyable part of this issue for me was the action. The flow of it was just on point and kept my attention the whole time. This issue wasn’t bad but not that great for me. I give it a 3 out of 5. In my opinion, borrow it from a friend.
                               –Luke Widlund!!

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