Idea for Re-released Sailor Moon Manga reviews?

                   Hey everybody so this is basically just a brainstorm blog for me about something that I want to write when the time comes. One of my favorite anime/tv shows in all my life is Sailor Moon. I’m pretty sure everybody who’s residence isn’t under a rock has heard about the “new” Sailor Moon coming out this summer! The sudden interest in Sailor Moon again brought on my the re-released mangas and the merchandise being sold by Hot Topic was a sign of this and then the actual news came! Us moonies rejoiced and can’t wait for this summer to come because that means Sailor Moon will be back! The only thing sufficing us right now are the re-released mangas that have been coming out every other month since September 2011.
                What I want to do is write an over-all review of the entire re-leased series. Not only that but maybe a comparison with the anime series. The re-realising should be finished by the time the new anime comes out this summer which is another reason why I want to write this retrospective review. I would also like to share my personal feelings about the series and how much it has impacted my life ever since I was a little kid. I hope to make this blog as special as possible so maybe I’ll start working on it soon to have it ready by this summer. What I’d really appreciate is if anybody has any ideas for me to do please let me know because I love the Sailor Moon community! Anyway I told you this was just a brainstorm blog so I didn’t intend for this to be anything substantial! Have a great weekend everybody!
                                      — Luke Widlund!!

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