DC: Batgirl To Face The Ventriloquist!

Cover to Batgirl #20 To Be Released In May 2013

In May things get a little bit Dark, Well ok Dark for Batgirl in May. Just look at the cover for #20 it’s creepy, theirs Blood on the floor and theirs a Weird again creepy looking Batgirl Puppet. Why you Ask? Because one of Batman’s Villains is getting a New 52 Rework The Ventriloquist! Normally the Ventriloquist is a Man called Arnold Wesker who is Normally never seen without his partner in crime Scarface. But this ventriloquist seems to be a woman. We will just have to wait till May to see if What this NewVentriloquist has in store for Batgirl!

-Steve (Dark Avenger INC) @ComicsSGW

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