Earth 2 #10 Review

Earth 2 Issue #10 
Hey guys I am CJ from Tv Pop Culture. So today as I write this I have just finished 
reading Earth 2 issue 10 “The Tower of Fate”. This issue starts off 5 years earlier where 
Hawkgirl and Khalid (Dr.Fate) run through an old Egyptian tomb this is where Hawkgirl 
gets her wings and Khalid gets Fate’s helmet. 
After that little flash back we are brought back to were issue 9 left off Khalid, Jay(the 
Flash) and Jay’s mom have been brought to this world that we are told “It’s not hell nor 
Haven nor limbo.” Or thou if you ask me it sure seems that way. Khalid and Jay have a 
long argument with Wotan (The lord of this land?) and when thats not going on Alan 
Scott is at Sam’s grave talking with his farther. 

After Alan Scott’s and Sam’s farther little heart to heart along with flash backs to Alan 
Scott beating up a Chinese mob asking “Who killed Sam.” Then we return to 
Khalid and Jay who continue to argue with Wotan about going in to this tower (hence Tower  of Fate). Finally Wotan tells Jay and Khalid to go into the tower to find Nabu’s (or Fate’s) 
helmet or he will kill Jay’s mom. Jay offers to go in alone but Wotan sends both of them 
in anyways. This issue ends with Jay and Khalid wondering around inside the tower 
and coming face to face with “The Beats” or Minotaur (as in Greek mythology). 
Over all a good issue. However, I do feel that the story has gotten off to a slow start. 
Which isn’t a bad thing but compared to stories like “Hell on Earth” or “Death of The 
Family” there isn’t really anything (aside from all the magic) to draw in new readers. The 
only people who will care about this issue are the ones who were fans of “Adventure 
Comics” ,the people who have been following “Earth 2” since it began, or Dr.Fate 
fans. So unless you fall in to one of those groups of people, like me, there wont really be 
any reason to buy this issue. 
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