Invincible #101 Review

Hey guys CJ here again and this time I am bringing you an Image title Invincible 101. So first things first this is the first issue for Invincible I have read so one of my friends was kind enough to lend me a bunch of old issues and by a bunch what I mean is two long box’s full of them (which yes I am still reading through). Issue 101 starts off with Thragg yelling at some of the Viltrumite for not “procreating” with more of the earth females and all but the female Viltrumite trying to explain to him that things are different on Earth and how great it can be having only one partner, but Thragg doesn’t listen and sends them away. 

We are then brought to Earth where Mark and Eve are having a talk and we find out Eve is pregnant. The next day Mark and Eve go out to help clean up the city (see Invincible #100). Robot, along with almost everyone, is surprised to see Mark because they thought he was dead. Robot has the Guardians converge on their location but nothing really happens aside from a lot of yelling.

We then follow Mark to the Pentagon where he is talking to Cecil about how Eve is pregnant and doesn’t really know what to do and asks for his help. Then at Mark and Eve’s place Mark and Eve start getting in to a big fight and we meet Sherry who has been “asked” by Cecil to help with the hole Eve being pregnant thing. At first Eve doesn’t want the help and I can understand that normally when Government get involved with any thing most of the time it doesn’t end well and then out of now where we are told that Eve can’t us her powers any more because it could hurt the baby.
The issue ends with Cecil telling Mark’s farther that he is banished to this space station.
Over all it was a good book and I plan on picking up Issue 102 when it comes out. However, with that being said this is not an issue that an “Outsider” should be picking up. If I did not have a friend that already had the 100 issues before it in trade or other such formats I can tell you right now I would not have picked this up. Invincible is at the point where you should think about picking up some of the earlier issues before buying the trades but this book is wroth picking up.
Now on to rating this issue. The art was something new for be at least when it come to American comics I am more us to seeing this kind of art style in Manga or Anime but I am not saying that is a bad thing it was different but in a good way. As for the story, it was very strong Eve being pregnant came out of left field and I really do hope Image allows the baby to be born and even grow up who knows maybe the kid mite get his/her own title. Over all I have to say this story so very well done and I highly look forward to seeing issue 102 when it comes out.
Invincible 101 gets a 4/5 from me.
See you guys next time.

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