Nova #2 Review

I have never really
followed the original Nova character or read much about him but I
must say I have fallen in love with this new Marvel Now! Series. The
story couldn’t be any better and the artwork and coloring is just
amazing. I found myself quickly putting myself in the world of Sam
Alexander Whose Dad Jesse used to tell him stories about outer space
adventures with the Black Nova’s & Super Nova’s. In issue #1 Sam
get’s into a skateboarding accident and wakes up from a coma in the
Upon waking up he finds
himself face to face with Gamora and Rocket Raccoon, Yes you heard me
correctly a space raccoon that reminds me a lot of Fox McCloud from
Star Fox. Don’t let the foolish and unoriginal name fool you because
the character is actually pretty cool! Anyways, Sam wakes up and
freaks out and ends up escaping the hospital after finding his
father’s Nova mask next to him. This is when it get’s interesting and
is the moment I have been waiting for and that is Sam putting on the
mask and feeling the power of Nova! This page is simply awesome!
After Sam takes a little
tour of life as Nova he ends up back at the hospital and comes to
find out that he is now in better condition health wise than when he
checked in. How this happens I’m not really sure? I’m guessing it’s
from the Nova powers. After suffering some frustration with his Mom
and father’s outer space stories he eventually put’s the mask back on
and we are off into the world of Nova again! This time around Sam
actually starts to feel comfortable with the powers and is able to
control it more.
This issue is not very
long but cover’s a lot of ground in one single issue and leaves you
wanting more. After reading issue #1 I wanted issue #2 to come out
now! And now im ready for issue #3 to see what happens in the world
of Sam “Nova” Alexander next! I think it would be really awesome
to see this turn into either a Marvel animated movie or an animated
series. As I had mentioned in the beginning of this review I don’t
know a lot about the back story or past of Nova but What I have read
recently in this series has been awesome and I recommend it to any
comic books fan’s out there!
Score: 9/10 – Great
story, artwork and detail just wish it was a little bit longer but
still 100% satisfied and can’t wait to see what’s next.
by Mike Ray

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