Avengers #8 Review

I feel like i’m one of the few people who’s been enthralled by every issue of Jonathan Hickman’s current Avengers run. Even the character issues for Hyperion, Captain Universe and Smasher had me completely captivated but I will admit that the ending for the first arch with Ex Nihilo was too abrupt. Well, after this last issue, I have little doubt that Hickman knows exactly what he’s doing.

The issue starts just as all previous issues, with a “Previously In Avengers” recap page. I love this not only because it helps remind me where we left off, but it also gives the series an HBO/AMC cable television series feel.

Hickman does a great job of mixing hard hitting action with a captivating explanation of everything that’s going on. The exposition could easily have felt forced and obvious, but I think he pulled it off by putting us in the shoes of Kevin. Admittedly, Hickman did create more questions in the process, but I’m thrilled to see how he goes about answering them. I cannot wait to see Starbrand join the Avengers and learn to use his powers. I cannot give the story telling in this book enough high praise! As I said earlier, Hickman knows what he’s doing and I can tell the payoff is going to be well worth it. Every issue has been enthralling, and this issue is no exception. I’m excited to see the return of Ex Nihilo; the only thing that I can think of to make this series any better would be Hickman tieing in the white event stuff with what’s going on in New Avengers. Although, after rereading the first issue of Avengers, I noticed it started right after Doctor Strange did “You know what” (no spoilers!) to Cap in the third issue of New Avengers.

The art was marvelous! I’m a big fan of Jerome Opena’s style and I was disappointed when Adam Kubert stepped in on issue four. However, Dustin Weaver completely blew me away; I feel that his style is a better fit in this story. The skulls from the dead college student in the crater gave me chills and I think this is the best interpretation of the Hulk since Marvel NOW started. Weavers art is amazing and Justin Ponsor’s colors are that icing on the cake that adds a top layer of beauty.

If you have not been following Hickman’s Avengers run, I recommend picking up last issue and this issue to get caught up on this arc, then once the first trade comes out, you can pick that up and get background on Ex Nihilo and what happened in Mars during the first Arc. Either way, you should be reading this book. That’s coming from someone who’s always had a hard time connecting with The Avengers.

Story: 5/5
Art: 5/5

– Hugo Vasquez
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Hugo_Voss

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