Batman Inc. Issue 9

Batman Inc.9
For those of you who haven’t read issue 8 I would say go and read that before this issue. It would’t take anything away if you haven’t read issue 8, but it adds more to the story if you do. Okay, now on to issue 9!

So believe it or not the story starts off with Alfred being told to “Take a day off” by Bruce because Alfred was the person who let Damian to go out and fight with the rest of the Bat team (see Batman Inc. 8). We see a flash back of Nightwing going crazy because of what happened to Damian along with Bruce saying “His Death will be avenged.” This issue implied that his death was needless. Wait is DC making fun of Grant Morrison? It also seems as thou DC is setting up Squire to be the new Knight (with that being said why does she not get a new costume it’s pretty much Knight’s old costume but with new hips). Which makes me wonder if the Knight is going to get her own comic book at some point?
For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about DC said that they would be introducing a bunch of new titles in September so I have to wonder if that will be one of them. The book ends with more of Bruce “losing it” and Jason has been taken by a mysterious person, but I can take a pretty good guess of who the person could be.
Ok so here are my thoughts. Overall this book isn’t the best. However with that being said Batman Inc. issue 9 does give a lot of in site on how Bruce, Dick and every one else is handling the loss of both Damian and The Knight. Also as a side note didn’t Damian die because Grant Morrison was leaving DC so if thats true why was he writing this issue of Batman Inc.? Now that in itself may be because it is taking him longer to leave then planed but if he does change his mind can we have Damian back?
Off topic it looks more and more like Batwing is just getting a new costume so we can all calm the hell down about that.
My rating 5/5.
This is CJ and I’ll see you guys later. 

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