Guardians of The Galaxy #1 Review

Not too long ago in a galaxy far, far

There’s a new
rule in the galaxy: No one touches Earth! No one!! Why has Earth become
the most important planet in the Galaxy? Join Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket
Racoon, Groot, and Iron Man, as the new Guardians of The Galaxy!

Guardians of The Galaxy #1 Review
By: Jay

The King of the
Spartax Planetary System tells his son Peter Quill: The Star-Lord that by
Galactic Rule Earth is off limits to all extraterrestrials including him.
Star-Lord knows this rule will only make Earth a target without anyone to
defend it and disobeys his father. Star-Lord arrives with the Guardians of the Galaxy just in time to help Iron Man repel an
alien attack, after the battle Gamora’s feeling proves to be all too prophetic.    

I really enjoyed
this issue. I started off  my review by paraphrasing the
famous “Star Wars” opening crawl because Brian Michael
Bendis and Steve McNiven bring you into that type of a space opera setting. I
had to read this book twice, but not because I felt lost or I didn’t understand
something, it was just that entertaining from beginning to end. This was an
enjoyable read.
Bendis really
brings us a cosmic tale on an epic scale using some classical archetype
relationships: the absentee father/son (Peter and his father), the “buddy cops”
(Groot and Rocket), the honor between warriors (Gamora and Drax), and then
we have Iron Man who is used as the focal point for the audience to relate to
these otherworldly chaacters. In
the best of ways Bendis brought back memories of classic space movies
like “Star Wars” and “Flash Gordon” for
me, especially how the King had this Ming-like presence.
McNiven’s art
really brought Bendis’ story to life. I have always loved McNiven’s art ever
since I saw it in Marvel Knights: 4, and it has only improved
since then. McNiven brings each character to life by giving each of them their
own style. McNiven made a bold choice in redesigning Star-Lord’s distinct
helmet that I think paid off. The new look allows him to showcase his finesse
with conveying the story and allowing the character to emote through his facial
expressions while allowing the reader to connect more with him.
There are two
minor things that kept me from giving this a perfect five stars. The first is
story-related. This is a first issue and it needed to be more new reader
friendly. Sure we got an in-depth origin for Star-Lord in Guardians of
The Galaxy #0.1
 but we have nothing about the rest of the Guardians so
far. Who are they? What are their motivations? Why should we invest in them
emotionally? The second issue I found is with the art. While McNiven kills with
each and every page, I just think Star-Lord looked a bit too young.
All-in-all this was a really great solid issue that I highly recommend
everyone pick up. Now that you know my thoughts on this book, let us know what
you think in the comments.

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