Action Comics #20 Review

Action Comics #20 Review
By: Jay 
Andy Diggle and Tony S. Daniel are
back with Action Comics. However, those who keep up with the
latest news know that Diggle left the book and Daniel will be finishing the arc
based on Diggle’s story. Find out what this creative team’s next chapter
of Action Comics brings us.

Once again this story is taking
place a year before the present day DCU. This issue picks up a little while
after the ending of the last issue. Superman battles the Hybrid with help from
Dr. Veritas. Lex decides to escalate his plan. In the back-up:
On Krypton while Jor-El explores the ocean’s depths, there is a coup in the
Science Council.
I usually don’t review consecutive
issues of a series, but due to my love of Superman, and the abrupt departure of
Diggle, I will review each issue of this arc. With that said, you can really
tell the difference between this issue and the last. While Daniel does a great
job, you can see the focus has shifted. Where the last issue dealt with
emotional and inter-personal relationships while packing in the action, this
issue the focus is on the action and the inter-personal side is very low. You
can clearly see that Daniel reworked Diggle’s story to fit with the editorial
The story felt a bit rushed. This
can be seen in the conversation with Dr. Veritas. She says she had been
observing Superman for a while and teleported him there after he fell in the
last issue. That’s not to say Daniel is telling a bad story, he has me
interested still, and I am enjoying the action of the book. I just hope he can
balance the action with the character-driven story that we saw in the last
While Daniel’s writing is lacking
the emotion that Diggle’s story gave us, his art brought it. Daniel has a way
of drawing eyes where they convey emotion. Daniel has to know this because he
has those moments where he does that zoom in on the eyes, and in that panel you
know how the character is feeling. Daniel does one other thing: he makes me
like Superman’s “Kryptonian Armor” costume. Since I first saw this costume, I
didn’t like it. It looked overly complicated (something I find in a few other
New 52 redesigns), but Daniel makes it more subtle and I really like it. He
took Superman from that regal knight standing above us to that inspirational
figure lifting us up with hope.

This is a $3.99 book even though
DC “Draws the Line at $2.99,” but with the extra $1.00 they give us an
additional 8-Page story by Scott Lobdell titled “The World of Krypton.” I
haven’t been a fan of Lobdell’s New 52 work so far, but I will admit he has me
interested with “Part 1: The Discovery.” This tale takes us to Krypton with a
younger Jor-El, and a new twist with Lara. We get to see Jor-El exploring
Krypton, and what he finds has me wanting to read the next part of this back-up
story. Jor-El’s story isn’t all that has me interested. Lara is usually seen as
“Jor-El’s wife,” “Superman’s mom.” See a pattern? But with this story it seems
Lobdell is portraying her as her own woman, which I love.
Philip Tan has some really great
art, not as polished as Daniel’s but he does a great job. His Krypton is
fantastic. From the garb, to the tech, to the sea creatures, to the structures,
it all looks amazing. With what Jor-El discovered in the ocean, I can’t wait to
see part two and see how Tan tackles it.
That is what I think about this book. Let us know what you think in the comments and follow us on Twitter

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