Describing Your Friendships With TV Characters!


            Along with comic book reviews, I thought it’d be fun to do topic blogs about things relavent in everybody’s lives. In Alfred Hitchcock’s words, these blogs would be considered “ice box talk”. Recently me and two of my best friends discussed what tv show would describe our friendship perfectly. Meaning, what show had a group of characters that represented us. We talked about many shows from each of our likings and we agreed on none. Agreeing on nothing is our friendship because we always disagree on things. This led me to the conclusion that me and my two best friends are tv characters from 3 different shows. The three characters we came up with created the most random combination ever. Before I reveal who me and my friends chose, I just want to say one thing about friendships. No one friendship is alike. I almost 100% guarantee that no other group of friends will choose the same characters we did. This perfectly shows that every friendhsip is different. Take the challenge and try it with your best friends, are you all in agreeance of characters from just one show, or are you like my friends where we’re all different characters from different shows. It’s an interesting test to try! Ok so I chose Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City for myself, my friend Kathryn chose Alex Mack, and my other friend Alex chose Arnold from Hey Arnold!……I know…..we’re weird.
—Luke Widlund

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