Invincible 102 Review

Invincible #102

Ok so some of you are going to be wondering why I am
reviewing a two week old comic book (two weeks by the time this gets up). It is
because Diamond screwed up my order. So for the next little while I may be
reviewing older books sorry.

Anyways lets get on with the review. We Start off right
after issue 101 were Nolan (Omni-Man) is getting in to a fight with the current
leader of the Viltrum. He tells us how he had to put an end to the war that
swarmed the planet and how he had to be strong for his people while he looked
for the heir (being Nolan) He then betrays everyone so he could lead. We see
Nolan take his place as the Viltrum King (which was really cool to see)
Invincible (Mark) is now dealing with both a child and now coming to term with
being a prince. At the end of this issue Mark and Eve are now set up to be
married. With Eve getting down on one nee glad to see Image isn’t all about gender roles.

Overall this is a good issue but not one of there best. The
most I can say is I love how Eve is drawn in this issue. I really enjoyed the
scene right before Nolan becomes King. Other then that there is really is no
reason for me to tell any one who is reading this to pick it up. If you are a
long time fan and have picked up every issue up till this point than I guess
you might as well pick this up also. So yea this is getting a 3/5 from me. Like
I said not that great of an issue, but could have been worse.
So this is me hoping I have something new to review next
week, Thanks for reading.

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