Justice League of America issues #1-3 Review!

 Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve done a review, what with being a grown up and all you find ourself busy and lacking time to do anything you actually want to anymore! But I am back being that summer is here and I have free time to do reviews and topic blogs! So this is a collective review for issues 1-3 of Justice League of America. Before this series came out I was very excited to read it because the cast of team members seemed so unlikely to get along. The captain is Colonel Trevor, in charge of Martian Manhunter, Katana, Hawkman, Stargirl, Vibe, Green Lantern (B’aaz), Green Arrow, and Catwoman. The premise of this team is to be the face value of protection for America. Although things aren’t always what they appear to be when Amanda Waller is involved. Amanda made Steve form this team to keep the Justice League in check for the future, just in case they get out of hand, which Amanda is counting on. The main story that stretches through these 3 issues is the JLA’s mission to infilitrate the Secret Society. We don’t know much about this Secret Society but what we have seen is their android versions of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The JLA stops them but finds themselves digging deeper into the Secret Society’s base.

My favorite thing about the writing in this series so far is the dynamics of the team. It’s so interesting to see this makeshift team of “misfits” and see how they’ll work together. More interestingly, each member actually plays an important part of the team. When I first heard that Catwoman was on the team I had mixed feelings about it. I was excited at first because she’s one of my favorite characters but on the other hand I was like what’s the necessity to have her on the team. After reading through these issues I totally understand why she’s on it. One reason is her connection to Batman and another is her dimensionality as neither hero nor villain. Right now I think the story is pretty basic, it’s establishing the roles of the characters. Basically, I’d say the writing is good and interesting so far. Notably, my favorite scene from the three issues is Vibe and Hawkman’s encounter at the press conference. I’m not gonna spoil it but a lot of people find this scene hilarious as do I.

The art is also solid. The covers are pretty basic so far just showing the team, I think they’ll get more sophisticated as the series progresses. The art on the inside is good but my only issue is how dark the black ink is. I feel like it kind of distracts the reader’s attention from the over all art because how splotchy the black ink is.

Overall the first three issues are good and substantial. Don’t expect anything insanely innovative from the series so far but it is definitely a fun read so far. I’d say pick them up and I give each of them a 4 out of 4.
Luke Widlund

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