Red Hood and The Outlaws #20 Review

Okay so first off DC next time you tell us to go read a
comic book before reading the one we have already (in this case issue 19 of
RHOL) make sure its out the week before or same week we I have the other comic I
don’t think that’s asking too much.
Now then Red Hood and
the Outlaws
issue 20. So, last issue Roy and Starfire went out looking for
Jason Todd (Red Hood) who has been M.I.A. after the events of Batman and Red
Hood, because? Well because Batman that’s why. In this issue we find out that
Jason wanted his mind swiped of all the bad things he has endured in his life.
(which I guess means everything in Jason’s case).

When Roy and Starfire find him he doesn’t know who they are,
hell he doesn’t even know his own name (talk about crazy stuff). Now I am
tempted to leave it at that and give it a 5/5 but I would be lying if I did so.
I don’t want to do that. All of that stuff does happen but after an argument
between Roy and a ghost boy (I don’t think they even tell us his name). Which I
can only imagine was to give us more insight with what happened to Jason. Which
I found a little pissy mostly on the ghost boy’s part with him whining and
moaning about how he doesn’t want to give Jason his memories back and making
what seem to be a all of bull_______ reasons.
There really isn’t any thing that happens this issue is
mostly just a big waste of time, but a fun waste of time un like Red Hood and The Outlaws issue 16 (and yes
I am still going on about that issue). The story is mostly just weirdly
lifeless. DC has this great set up and the only thing they really do with it is
tell us that “Hey guys this is going some where.” Um gee thanks for telling us
DC. How about you show us next time instead.
The only thing that really saves this issue from going in to
the don’t waste your money pile is the fact that James Tynion IV isn’t afraid
to have fun with it, also Green Arrow fans should be picking up not just this
issue but also issue 20 I am not going to say why for that would spoil a huge
part of the ending. So with all of that being said I am giving Red Hood and the
Outlaws a 4/5 with the ending being a saving grace The only thing I am going to
tell you about the ending to issue 20 is that any fan of the Arrow TV show or
the Green Arrow comic books are going to want to pick this issue up along with
the next issue which will be Red Hood and
the Outlaws
Annual #1. I mean I could give less of a crap about Green Arrow
but even I am looking forward to this. With all this being said I think I can
now say Diamond has gotten my stuff straightened out now, thank god.
I am CJ and I will see you next time. 

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