Is There A Lack Of Female Identity In Marvel Comics Today?

Recently my friend brought to my attention that there haven’t been many female focused series in Marvel comics right now. This led me to wonder, does Marvel comics view their female characters as less profitable than their male characters? When you think about it, it must be true. Take a look at their products for children. It’s all about spider-man, hulk, captain america, and etc. Hell, Marvel’s male characters define the “appropriate” gender identity for young boys today. Spider-man for boys, barbie for girls. Although, with todays ever-growing gray area known as gender identity, you’d think that they’d advertise more of their female characters for toys and pajamas and stuff. What’s wrong with having Black Widow equally advertised as Spider-Man? This brings me back to Marvel’s comics today. There has been a big spot light on Captain Marvel, but have all the other female characters just fallen to team titles? I feel that a lot of us want to see more female solo titles in marvel comics. Marvel has created some of the stronges female characters known, yet they’re being confined to all these team books.
Marvel’s movies exclude its female characters from the spotlight. In Marvel’s phase 2, so far the female characters we have are Black Widow, Maria Hill, Pepper Pots, Gwen Stacey, and Jane from Thor. The only profitable ones are Black Widow and maybe Pepper. I’m starting to think the unblance between men and women is due to money and profit. Most things know no gender…but does money know gender?
—-Luke Widlund

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