Zenescope Entertainment’s All-Stars Suit Up For Realm Knights

Zenescope Entertainment’s
All-Stars Suit Up For Realm Knights
By: Jay
Zenescope Entertainment, the
company best known for taking classic characters and putting fresh innovative
spins on them with a unique blend of horror, tongue-in-cheek humor and great
action, is bringing out its most popular characters in the Grimm Universe for a
brand new four issue mini-series. The book teams up its fan-favorite characters
Robyn Hood, Van Helsing, Red Riding Hood, and Sela Mathers. The quartet are
chosen to form a powerful modern day team of heroes set to eliminate
supernatural threats against our world known as the Realm Knights!

“It’s a great mix of fantasy,
action, horror and humor,” says writer Patrick Shand. “It’s a blast to take
these characters out of their separate titles and allow them to come together
against common threats while also trying to get along with one other. For Grimm
Fairy Tales fans, the elements will be familiar but also feel fresh and
The first issue of Realm
, which is set to be released in print and digitally in August, is
now available for pre-order in Diamond’s June 2013 edition of Previews. Realm
 #1 will feature covers by Anthony Spay, Marat Mychaels,
Alfredo Reyes and will also include a unique “suiting up” connecting cover by
Anthony Spay that will spread across all four issues of the first mini-series.
Zenescope, along with Realm
 writer Patrick Shand, will be at Phoenix ComiCon at booth #973.
Check out their Phoenix ComiCon Schedule for Memorial Day Weekend May 23rd –26th. Also look out for them at Wizard World Philly May 30th –
June 2nd.

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