Scarlet Spider issue 17

This week I thought just for kicks I would pick up Scarlet
Spider issue 17 and holy crap was it good. I mean after the 1990’s and a story
arc that won’t be named right now I looked at this and thought “why the hell
would I pick this up?
However, guys this is worth picking up. Holy crap was this
thing good I may also be saying that because Wolverine is in this issue along
with all the other X-Men. 

Scarlet Spider’s suit has under gone some changes. He now
has a black suit (no not Venom). This suit actually has neon lights (think Tron
but with Spider-man). His suit is also equipped with stingers that come out of
his wrist, which is a cool addition to the costume (beat that Parker).
Some thing you will need to know, issue 17 is the start of
the “Wrath” story arc.  So, this would be
the time for you to jump onto this series. In this story it seems as though the
Scarlet Spider is under the thumb of a Miss.Belldonna (what happened before I
don’t know because again this is the first issue I have ever read). After a
long talk between the two Scarlet goes off to kill Wolverine! Yeah I know right
see doesn’t this sound good? So at this point I was pretty much all in.
We get to see all and I mean all of the X-Men. There were
ones that I had never even seen before and Marvel went out of the way to make
them seem like they had always been there. After our little walk around the
school, Scarlet and Wolverine have there “big” (I say it like that because
chances are they will have an other one) …. and I am not going to tell you what
happens next your just going to have to read it your self.
This issue clearly shows why Marvel is doing so well and is at
the top of their game. Over all I give this a 5/5. People shouldn’t go and pick
this up they NEED to.
See yea next time

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