True Blood, season 6, ep.1 review!

Last night was the season 6 premiere of True Blood, which I was excited for yet apprehensive of. The reason I was nervous for this premiere was because season 5 sucked (no pun intended). I’m a huge fan of True Blood and season 5 was just painstaking to watch week after week. So I had two feelings going into this premiere, one was maybe they’ll make it exceptionally better than last season and do very well, or they will make the same exact mistakes as last season and have it go all down hill. So, how did it turn out?

Well the premiere drew in a good 4.5 million viewers, even though the NBA finals were on as well. The number dropped down from last season’s premier but I think that was due to the NBA finals last night. I even tuned in for the little 15 minute preshow before the premiere. It was nice to see the cast hanging out and just being themselves and one can tell they’re all genuinely friends. Then came the premiere…

What did I think of the premiere? I was very….disappointed, which is becoming a usual thing with me and True Blood. The first episode suffered the same follies as last season. It was jumbled with too many stories, (most of which, are inconsequential to what the fans want). I’m not even worried about revealing any spoilers because NOTHING REALLY HAPPENED. Let me give a run down of each story in the episode. Bill is still being controlled by Lilith because of the blood he drank last season. Jessica feels alone and wants to stay with “mayor of crazy town” as my friend Kathryn once called him. Jason is still seeing and hearing his parents and hates vampires now. The governor of the town wants to implement laws on the vampires for them to stay indoors at night because of the attacks. He cosigns with a factory owner of Tru blood to produce the product in an abandoned workshop in Bon Temps (for ulterior motives). Andy has like 6 kids from that annoying fairy woman, so Arlene and Terry are helping him raise them for now. Luna died (like anyone cares). Lafeyette cooked her daughter some dinner after she so pleasantly said “my mommy died, i’m hungry”. Alcide is having threesomes with Ricki and some other girl, Ricki gets mad and says “I’m your top bitch”. Eric and Sookie’s relationship almost went somewhere special until Sookie rescinds Eric’s invitation after he gives her back the deed to her house…. QUE EYE ROLL. Jason gets in a car with Warlow, the vampire we know almost nothing about but is sooooo important to Sookie’s life.

The Good: Well I can scrape some good things from this episode. One being that the governor’s plan for vampires (as seen in the upcoming season trailer) seems very interesting. Something that was almost good was the talk Eric had with Sookie at the end, when he told her “I still remember you as the girl with the white dress who walked into my bar” and then she shits all over the fans by saying “I want to be the girl in the white dress, which is why I’m rescinding your invitation”. WTF SOOKIE, this gorgeous incredibly hot man who you have chemistry with YOU’RE GONNA TURN DOWN?! I mean I know for her to live a more normal life, she would have to stay away from vampires and etc. but come on they’re meant to be!! 

The Bad: To be honest, this entire episode was mostly unenjoyable. Their biggest mistake was putting in all these stupid stories that no one cares about. This show shined in seasons 1-3 for keeping the story line down to like 1 or 2 maybe 3 different follow ups, now it’s like what 7 or 8? What I also didn’t like was that most of the lines in this episode either felt forced or just cliche? Also I was really hoping that Bill would be killed because let’s be honest, nobody likes Bill. Let’s get him killed and take the show back to it’s roots with a simpler story line, less super super super natural, and more mystery and horror. I think if the show sticks to that, it might not get cancelled for a long time, but if it goes the way it’s going it will be cancelled soon. My only saving grace for still watching this show is because I’ve watched it from the beginning and the men on this show are the hottest men on the planet!! Alexander Skarsgard, Joe Manganiello, and Ryan Kwanten can all get it….Bill can watch.

Conclusion: So in conclusion, I don’t expect any new fans jumping on this season, in fact I expect a decline in views from this point on. I’ll keep watching because I’m faithful to this show and to my husband Joe Manganiello (Alcide). I give this episode 2 stars out of 5.
—-Luke Widlund 

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