Super Knocked Up Gets Geekie And Goes To Comic Con

Super Knocked Up Gets Geekie And Goes To Comic Con
By: Jay
OK stop me if you’ve heard this
one: A girl wakes up in a strange bed next to a man she normally can not stand,
and a few weeks later they find out she is pregnant. Sounds like the plot to a
RomCom, right? Well, now add in super powers and make the girl the most feared
super-villain and the guy the premiere superhero in the universe, and you
have Super Knocked Up. A totally original and funny web series that
is created, written and produced by Jeff Burns, stars Jourdan Gibson as the
beautiful and deadly super-villain Darkstar and Mark Pezzula as the handsome
and narcissistic superhero Captain Amazing. 

Super Knocked Up can be seen across
various platforms, including Youtube, (Just The Story), and
The show also has a social media presence through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. With over two million views this
award-winning web series – now in its second season – is quickly growing into
one of the most popular series on the web today earning them praise from
critics, comic book creators and fans. This year the show has won Best Geeky
Web Show in the 2013 Comic Uno Second Annual Geeky Awards, Most
Original Web Series at The 1st Annual Geekie Awards,
in addition to being named an official selection of the 2013 HollywebFestival and the 2013 Marseille Webfest along with
winning a Visual Effects award at the 2013 LA Web Fest.

Jeff Burns, reacted to the
announcement of The 1st Annual Geekie Awards win 
with both excitement and pride: “I was so freakin’ excited to find out we won
Most Original Web Series at The Geekie Awards. Most people know how
geeky I am, but now I have an award to prove it! It really is an awesome honor.
The amazing Kristen Nedopak, who organized the awards, said the Web Series
category was by far the most submitted to category of all the awards, so it’s
so cool to see we won among all the excellent competition. And it was also
really cool to see our friends at web series Shelf Life and Continuum win
Geekie Awards too.”

Super Knocked Up will be at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con
where Burns and Gibson were invited to speak on a web series panel
alongside such notable panelists as Jane Espenson (Buffy: The Vampire
Slayer, Once Upon A Time, Husbands
), Brad Bell (Husbands), Katrina
Hill and Alex Langely, (Geeks And Gamers Anonymous), Sandeep Parikh (The
), and Tara Platt and Stephanie Thorpe (Shelf Life).
“We’re ridiculously excited to
go!” says Burns. “San Diego Comic Con is the biggest
comic con/pop culture event in the
country, and we’ve always wanted to go. And to get to go for the first time as
panelists representing the web series world is a huge honor.” The panel is
titled “Web Series Creators Assemble” and will take place on July 18 at 7:30 p.m. in Room 24ABC at San Diego Comic Con.
But this is far more than just a
web series. Super Knocked Up is branching out into a franchise
with spin-offs and merchandise that includes shirts, art, and even a comic book
titled: Super Knocked Up#1 One Night Stand (Offered in
printed, and digitally as PDF or CBR Files) all at reasonable prices. The
website offers so much and the show brings great humor, and story along with
incredible special effects that have only gotten better as the show continues.
The actors are outstanding with terrific comedic timing and dynamic on-screen
presence. The production of this show is above and beyond what I have seen on
other fan-made movies and web series of this nature. I highly recommend you
give it a try. I think you will be entertained.

Jeff Burns, who also produced a
spinoff series, Super Mashed Up, featuring crossover adventures
with characters from various other web series, such as Pairings,
Justice Woman, Chop Socky Boom, Clutch, The Bloody Mary Show, Reality On
Demand, Out With Dad, Pretty In Geek, Gay Nerds
, and Pete Winning
and The Pirates.

The 1st Annual Geekie Awards brings together the best of Internet geek culture,
from web series to podcasts. The ceremony will take place on Sunday, August 18th from 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM PST (Pacific
Standard Time) at the Avalon Hollywood. Tickets for the live show can be
purchased on the official Geekie Awards web site, and will be discounted
until June 30th. The show will also be streamed
live online. A full list of the nominees and winners can also be found on the
Geekie Awards web site.

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  1. Great article Jay! Super Knocked Up is a great web show and has so much great talent. I wish the best to everyone that works on the show and see a successful future for them

    1. Jay

      Thanks Kat! I agree 100%, they are a great group of people from the cast and crew to Libbie in PPR each and every one deserves every accolade they receive!

  2. Loved how you covered the many facets that makes up SKU! Thanks so much.


    1. Jay

      You're welcome!

      I really enjoy the series, and the site there is so much to get out of the show beyond the show.


  3. Thanks so much Jay! Loved this article and thank you for helping spared the word about Super Knocked Up! And thakns so much Kat! Really appreciate your support 🙂

    1. Jay

      You're welcome Jeff!

      Great series and site glad to help out!

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