Grimm #3 Review

Grimm #3 Review
By: Jay
Grimm is based on the hit NBC show about
Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt of the Portland Police Bureau. Detective
Burkhardt learns he is descended from a line of guardians known as
“Grimms,” charged with keeping balance between humanity and the
creatures known as “Wesen.” Nick is joined by his partner Detective Hank
Griffin, and his friend Monroe, who himself is a Wesen. Like the show, the
comic follows Nick and his friends as they battle against the Wesen, the
Verrat, and the Royals uncovering new secrets and mysteries.

A little preface, I have been
watching Grimm since the 1st episode aired. This show, even
with all of the “Fairy Tale” shows out there right now is still unique. I loved
the Free Comic Book Day Grimm #0 offering because it was like the show,
and decided right then to add this title to my pull list.

Nick and Maya go to save Nick’s
Mom from the Verrat and the Royals. Hank, Monroe and Laszlo barely escape the
train wreck before they continue their quest to find the Coins of Zakynthos.
The show has been staying in Portland Oregon so far, but the comic is expanding the Grimm Universe and
has taken them to Italy.
Along with the new scenery we have gotten new characters like Maya, another
Grimm, but the first one we have met that isn’t related to Nick.
The story is plotted by Jim Kouf
and David Greenwalt while the script is written by Marc Gaffen and Kyle McVey.
Even though the book isn’t in sync with the show, it still feels like it is.
The writers do a great job of putting you in the Grimm Universe and making you
feel like you’re continuing the TV Show, or perhaps a movie based on the
The thing I really like about the
series so far is how they tell us what the Wesen are, and not just their Wesen
name, but also what they are. This issue we see a Genio Innocuo, then it tells
us what animal they represent in the real world, a tortoise. Monroe even goes further when he informs Hank that they are also
really wise. So we really get a feel and a knowledge of the Wesen, even though
the show tells us their Wesen name, they rarely explain what animal they
represent and I really like that the book does that.
This issue showcases what I love
about the show. We get details about this whole Grimm Universe along with great
stories. You never know who to trust on the show, and this issue proves you
don’t know who you can trust in the comic either.
The art is done by Jose’ Malaga who does a nice job connecting the art to the show. The
style isn’t picture perfect like Alex Ross, but it does give enough likeness to
the cast of the show that you can tell who is who.
Overall I am really enjoying this
series, and this issue. If you love the show, you’ll enjoy this book. If you
never seen the show, give this book a shot. It is a procedural book that mixes
fairy tales, mythology, action, adventure, and comedy into a great book. I
highly recommend picking up Grimm #3.

That is what I think about this book. Let us know what you
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