All New X-Men #14 review

OH MY GOD PROFESSOR X IS BACK!!!!!!! Well kind of…anyways I
guess Jean Grey read more of the X-Men’s minds than we thought. Issue 14 starts
with Jean projecting an image of the Phoenix in to every ones minds (by mistake
only meaning to hit the “bad guys”), which leads Logan to attack her.

After that we see the Phoenix wasn’t really there. Professor
X then shows up but it turns out to be a projection by Lady Mastermind at the
end of the issue, Jean pretty much saves the day. Okay I was cool with her
leading the team and I was even cool with her gaining more control over her
powers (even though she had trouble controlling them in the comics but what
ever). However, Jean saving the day by her self I am not okay with. Aside from
one or two take downs by the rest of the X-Men Jean takes everyone else down by
her self. As an X-Men fan this feels like a slap across the face from Marvel
its called X-Men for a reason, as in
more than one person, yet all I saw in this issue was Jean kicking @$$ and
everyone else standing around saying “Jean sure is swell isn’t she.”
On the other hand, I am enjoying the relationship between
Scott and his brother. However not even that will save issue 14. I have to give
this a 2/5. The story has a lot and I mean A LOT of plot holes from the cover
to the end. I can’t help but feel like someone showed me this awesome magic
trick and then showed me how it was done and now it just seems dumb. I really
do wish I could give this a higher rating but if I did that I would be lying to
you the readers and myself, with that being said 2/5 is the final rating on
Issue 14.
I am CJ and until next time happy reading

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