Thor: The Dark World #1 & #2 Prequels Review

Thor: The Dark World Prelude #1
& #2 Review
By: Jay 
Marvel’s next sequel, Thor: The
Dark World
isn’t set to hit theaters until November 8th 2013, but Marvel wants to cash in on the Summer Movie meal
ticket by releasing its 2-issue Prelude comic. Are these comics worth it? Do
they get you excited for Thor: The Dark World? I read both and I’ll let
you know my opinion. If you haven’t seen any Marvel Cinematic Universe movies
since Thor, and don’t want any Spoilers for Avengers, or Thor:
The Dark World
do not proceed past the SPOILER WARNING image.

The bifrost is destroyed and
Asgard is no longer connected to the Nine Realms. Loki is alive and is on
Midgard with the one thing that can reunite Asgard and the Nine Realms again.

Christopher Yost and Graig Kyle
are the writers for both of these tie-in issues and they do a good job catching
the reader up on what has happened since the end of Thor. For the
majority of the two issues we get a Thor-centric view on the events of the Avengers.

There are three parts to the story.
The first half of the first issue deals with the aftermath of the end of Thor.
We see what Thor destroying the bifrost bridge caused not just Asgard but the
rest of the Nine Realms and the universe itself. Jane’s story is also continued
as she tries to use science to reconnect with Thor while holding onto the hope
that he will return to her. The second half of the first issue and as well as
the majority of the second issue gives us some Thor-centric deleted scenes from
the Avengers, with the rest of issue two being a set up for the Thor

Yost and Kyle added some nice
scenes in there, especially the scene between Thor and Iron Man with Tony
comparing them to Game of Thrones and Mad Men respectively. We
also got some nice progression of Jane’s character. We get to see some of what
she has been thinking and how she felt during the Avengers, which I have
a feeling we will see in the sequel itself. We also might have been given a
hint at characters that could pop up in the Guardians of The Galaxy.

Each issue has its own artist with
Scot Eaton doing the pencils on the first issue and Ron Lim doing them for the
second issue. I have to give credit to the inker Andrew Hennessy who inked the
first issue alone and was joined by Rick Magyar for the second issue. They
really made the two artists individual issues flow together nicely. With those
props given to the inkers, the pencilers also did a really good job. There are
some really beautiful scenes that look like they could have popped out of the
Thor Movie. While they got some of the majesty of the movie in these issues,
they lacked the capturing of the actors. There wasn’t enough details to make me
really connect these characters to the movie, which a prequel, or movie
adaptation should do.
A prequel should do three things:
1.)    Prepare you for the movie.
2.)    Give you insight into what the feel of the
movie will be.
3.)    Most importantly get you hyped to see the
movie NOW.

Overall I liked these issues I
thought they were solid, but they didn’t do what they should have done. They
were entertaining but they only gave us a little insight into what Thor: The
Dark World
will be about, and left me feeling more like I read deleted
scenes from the Avengers than a Thor prequel. With a combined
price tag of $5.98 ($2.99 each) Marvel is really trying to drain fans by giving
us a two-issue Avengers padded Thor prequel that could have been
trimmed down into one issue. If they would have done that and actually prepared
us for Thor: The Dark World I would recommend this, but given that it is
a one-issue story padded and stretched out to fit two issues just to drain
fan’s pockets I have to recommend not picking up these books. 

That is what I think about this book. Let us know what you
think about Thor: The Dark World Prequel #1 & #2 in the
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