Introducing Mike Spider Slayer!!

Hey Comic Fans!! It is Me, Mike Spider-Slayer. Some of you may know me from my You Tube Channel Comic Book Corner 2.0.

You also may know me From Dark Avenger Inc. Well now you are going to get to know me Right Here on Comic Frontline. That is right fans whether it is a comic review, a topic article or something on my mind that has to do with the comic world Mike Spider-Slayer plans on helping the team that is dedicated to Frontline. So I want to thank Chris, Kat, and Jay for having me help out with the Return of Frontline. So until the next Comic Book Review, This is Mike Spider-Slayer Signing off …and thanks for reading comic fans!!

Thanks: Mike Spider-Slayer

Oh yea!! Peter Parker Spidey  We need you buddy!!  

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  1. Welcome to Frontline Mike epic entrance/intro just like on INC ^_^

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