I will Avenge YOU!!!

Hey everyone I’m Chris aka The Dark Avenger on Youtube, I’m also co-creator and founder of Dark Avenger INC my group page. Now “Dark Avenger” is more of a title or Youtube Nickname I gave myself, most of the time I’m fine just being known as/called Chris. I’ve grown up with comics since I was about eleven years old and I haven’t stopped reading/collecting since. For more on my history with comics check out my channel on Youtube.

That’s mostly stuff you know about me, what most of you probably did NOT know about me was way before Youtube was cool back in the days where Myspace was more of a social network I was a really popular blogger. What the heck is Myspace now a day’s anyway!? I actually recently went back on my Myspace to take a trip down memory lane in my blog section before writing this post…but Myspace doesn’t have blogs anymore and completely erased it from everyone’s profile, so sufficed to say I don’t have a Myspace anymore. Sorry got a bit off topic there, but I use to love to blog growing up and apparently A LOT of people liked to read or listen to my problems. Funny story is I was a reviewer before I even took the title on Youtube, a fair amount of my blog posts were actual reviews of games, movies, and you guessed it comic books…most of the rest was life stuff that I’m sure y’all don’t want to hear on here at least heh.

After about seven years of Youtube-ing I think it’s time to dust off the old keyboard and return to my roots a bit. So if you guys will have me, I’d love to give this a second go. I have a lot of ideas for reviews, features, and posts for Frontline! As always I’m here for you all and plan to give you nothing but the best and most entertaining if possible. I’m always open for suggestions and ideas (that’s what the comment box at the bottom of this post is for). Oh the fun we all will have heh-heh.

Now really quick disclaimer about myself, why do I need a disclaimer you ask? Well mostly because I have experience blogging before and I have heard it all, so I’d rather warn you now than hear it later. First off I don’t have perfect grammar, huge paragraphs followed by small ones, and tons of other writing no-no’s so please don’t bother correcting me! This isn’t English class and I’m not going to have someone proof read every single post I write! Second there are times I may be hypocritical, redundant, I may contradict myself, hell I may say something one day and then say the complete opposite the next with little to no reason why, and I may talk a bit openly (but no cursing so no worries there). I am not perfect you know, I am a living, breathing human being not a robot as contrary to popular belief. I’m here to have fun as well as to get down to business. As a father to be I know my days of making videos at all hours of the night and day are nearing an end, but let me make perfectly clear will never stop, just be curbed a little! However when it comes to writing I can start writing something then come back whenever I have the free time to finish it, unlike with a video where it would look really stupid to have several hiccups (or cuts) in the video due to having to shoot it several times to make the full video.

It’s an honor to be here and I look forward to where Comic Frontline will go from here and all the amazing things that will come of it. If Frontline is anything Like INC I know it will be amazing! I have high hopes for this site and everyone that is working on in front and behind the scenes! Later everyone ^_^.
Chris Ventura

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    Welcome to the team bro!

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