Image Continues To Make Their Books Affordable For Readers!! Giant Size Jupiter’s Legacy For Only $3.99!!


64 pages of mind bending action for only $3.99

Quitely and Millar’s tale of what happens when the first Wave of superheroes grow old while their children enjoy a life of celebrity, sex, and drugs has seen record-breaking sales, enthusiastic reactions from fans, and fascinating speculation on where this maxi-series could go next. In light of the overwhelming success of JUPITER’S LEGACY, Image Comics is honored to present 64 pages of content for only $3.99 in JUPITER’S LEGACY GIANT-SIZED EDITION #1, a collection of the first three issues of one of the biggest series of 2013.

Releasing December 26th, JUPITER’S LEGACY GIANT-SIZED EDITION #1 is the perfect opportunity for readers to get in on the ground floor of this series in time for the release of the fourth issue in January 2014. After the shocking and unprecedented events in JUPITER’S LEGACY #3, everything we know is wrong. The story can go anywhere, the cast can do anything, and, depending on their point of view, the world is either their prison…or their oyster. Who lives? Who dies? Who will save us all from the superhero revolution?
JUPITER’S LEGACY has garnered rave reviews from the press and cultivated a cult following readership. A taste of the praise for JUPITER’S LEGACY.
Mike Spider-Slayers Thoughts: While other Comic companies continue to charge extreme amounts of money for certain books or release titles twice a month,you are forced to make tough choices between your favorite titles, Image continues the complete opposite. Image comics continues to deliver content for an affordable price for there readers. Many books from Image Comics continue to be at the $2.99 price point. Including The Walking Dead. Image Comics also has Image First, where you can get the first Issue of a series for a $1.00. The company is fantastic at releasing trades at a reasonable time and a reasonable price. For Example The Walking Dead Vol 1 $9.99, Saga Vol. 1 $9.99, and Chew Vol. 1 $9.99 and here again with Jupiter’s Legacy where you get the first 3 Issues of the Series for $3.99. So what I am trying to say, is maybe other comic companies should do a better job at inviting readers to try their titles. Instead of cheap gimmicks or long drawn out events.
Thanks for Reading Comic Fans!!
Mike Spider-Slayer      

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