TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S5 Ep8 “Dead Man on Campus”

By: Kat (ComicUno)

One of my favorite TV shows is The Vampire Diaries. So I decided to review the latest episode on Frontline. Season 5 has had some fun things so far, but also a number of downfalls. Some downfalls for me was the Silas storyline. There were too many dopplegangers, and Tessa was not a likable character. Nina Dobrev’s multiple performances with Katherine, Elena, and Amora was the only saving grace. But now lets jump into this week’s episode.


The doppleganger story is finally over and the episode starts with the mystery at Whitmore College. Bonnie is alive again because she is now the anchor to the regular and supernatural world. She is a ghost, but still alive. (I know complicated) Her death also means she is not a witch anymore. 

Katherine is dealing with her humanity and her new death sentence. This causes friction between her long lost daughter.

Jesse has finally returned and the group has discovered that he is the new Augustine Vampire. What makes the Augustine Vampire from other vampires? They are addicted to Vampire blood. Jesse goes after Damon after tasting Caroline’s blood. Elena saves Damon, but at the cost of Jesse’s life . Let’s just say that Caroline was very upset at Elena because of this. The cliffhanger of the episode shows that Damon has also been experimented on as an Augustine Vampire in the past. 

The Good:

The story feels simpliar with Silus out of the equation. One of the things I was most looking forward to for season 5 was Bonnie, Caroline, and Elena’s college experience. Especially since we never got to see their high school experience that much (Vampire Diaries Fandom’s Inside Joke). We get to see that to it’s fullest in this episode, jello shots included.

Jesse was a fun vampire. They developed his character enough to make you care for him when they kill him off in the end of this episode. I love the comment Damon makes about “professor” forbes. Caroline was a good teacher to Jesse. It brings me back to when she first turned and Stefan was whipping the blood of her face.

Previously stated, I think the doppleganger story line really brought down this season. That doesn’t mean I still don’t love Katherine. Katherine has been one of my favorite things about this season. Her turning into a human makes her more likable without losing her Katherine Pierce charm. Her attempt in suicide made us fully connect with the character. I love how Nina Dobrev is able to balance both Elena and Katherine. You forget that it is the same actress playing both these characters. 

The Bad:

I hate Stefan this season. It just seems like that the writers have run out of ideas for him. He is just mopey. I don’t even think he deserves to be with Katherine.

I am also not really interested in the traveller story. It is just an excuse to stick Matt somewhere. I think Matt deserves better than that.

The Damon ending confused me. If Damon is an Augustine vampire than why is he not addicted to vampire blood. I am sure we will learn more but the cliffhanger felt underwhelming to me.


I have a feeling that Elena will become an Augustine vampire, but because of her doppleganger blood or connection to the Gilberts she will not be a “ripper” for Vampire blood.

I also see a rocky future for Elena and Caroline’s friendship. I hated when they did this last season, but it seems like we are going to get some more drama with these two. Who agrees that Caroline should just be with Klaus in The Originals? 


This is one of the better episodes of the season. I am excited to see the Augustine Vampire storyline continue. It is something fresh and original for the show. But lets also give Stefan something to do before we start having some post traumatic stress with his worthless story lines. 

3.5 out of 5 stars

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