Mike Spider-Slayers Sleeper Pick: A.R.G.U.S. Issue 2

Hey Comic Fans, Mike Spider Slayer brings back Sleeper Pick of the week!! This time it will be an exclusive right here on Frontline. This of coarse is a series when I read a comic that totally surprises me, It gets the title Mike Spider-Slayers Sleeper Pick. Now this might not Happen every week. Only when I feel a book deserves the title. Now sit back relax and enjoy The Very first Sleeper Pick Of the Week!!

This Weeks Sleeper Pick of the Week is a Forever Evil Tie In, which Is A.R.G.U.S. Issue 2. While This Issue may not be Perfect. I Think the story has a lot to offer to it’s readers and is defiantly worth a pick up. Especially if you are interested In Steve Trevor and his involvement with A.R.G.US. and his Determination to find Wonder Woman.

PLOT: In the last Issue of the series we where left cliff hanged with the return of Dr. Light.In This Issue he destroys The A.R.G.U.S Headquarters and Steve Trevor has to rescue the president not only from this huge explosion but also Deathstroke and his goons.

We also get to so see the Return of Killer Frost in the Issue, and her quest to try to stay alive. The Issue does a nice job reintroducing the character in case you did not read her Villains month Issue.

Towards the end of the Issue we learn some interesting secrets about A.R.G.U.S.and one room in particular that is going to have Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman fans excited to read the next Issue.

The story was exciting and very interesting. At first I thought I was just going to get how Steve                       Trevor is involved with Argus but by the end of this Issue you get so much more including a Cliff                   Hanger that wants you to read issue #3. Loved  how the Villains month issue was not forgotten                     and brought Killer Frost back into the picture.

My biggest complaint about the issue is the Inks. There are 2 different inkers and it totally messes                  with the art in the issue. For Example Killer Frost is beautiful then look at Blockbuster at top.Heavy              on Inks and unnecessary lines and shading which makes the characters look bulky and less detailed.            Even though I loved Killer Frost in the Issue, it interrupted the flow of the Issue and It felt like a                      completely different book.

SPIDER SLAYERS FINAL THOUGHTS: In the end I thought this book had lots of action and some                                                                             great twist and turns that were totally unexpected. Love Steve Trevor’s determination on what happened to Wonder Woman and the The Return of Killer Frost. Hopefully the story continues to deliver and the Inking on the book continues to improve. Do not pass this one up at the shop it is worth the read. It may not be the perfect Mini Series, or the best Issue I have ever read, But it does deserve the Title of


                     So Until the next comic Book review this is Mike Koslik AKA (Spider-Slayer)
                     Signing off and thanks for Reading Comic Frontline!!



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  1. Jay

    Nice choice Mike! I agree about the inking it takes you out of the story.

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