All-New Marvel NOW One-Word Teasers: Future

Marvel is at it again. Gearing up for the All-New Marvel NOW they are rolling out new one-word teasers. The latest teaser is FUTURE set for March 2014. What does this mean?

Speculation will be coming fast with the latest teasers as per usual. FUTURE could mean any number of things, perhaps hinting at characters that have come from the future and are staying in the present like Spider-Man 2099 from Superior Spider-Man or Storm’s daughter Kymera from X-Men Battle Of The Atom who decided to stay behind to hunt the future Brotherhood of Mutants. 
The coloring is usually important in decoding these teaser. So does the creative teams which for this teaser is Jason LaTour and Mahmud Asrar. 
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All images images are courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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