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Written By: Kat “Comic Uno”

Super! is a great under the radar comic book that I have had the privilege to read. Unlikely Heroes Studios has now started a Kickstarter to allow fans to support the book and get tons of perks related to the Super! comic.

This year, the kickstarter-funded Super! proved to the world that crowdfunded comics can compete with the big dogs. This December, they’re running an ambitious kickstarter that could produce Super! toys, trade paperbacks, items that they believe will enable them to maintain a convention presence and spread a word about a comic than critics are proclaiming as the best superhero comic in print.
As backer rewards, they are offering up not just the toys and trades, but the 100+ original Zack Dolan penciled pages that made up Super!  issues 1 – 3. So, that page with the first appearance of that one special character that might be worth a zillion dollars some day… it’ll be in the hands of a Super! fan.  

You can follow Unlikely Heroes Studios on Twitter and Facebook. They update their fans daily:



As said earlier I have had the privilege of reading and reviewing all three issues of this series. If you watch the Kickstarter video you may even see a familiar face. Check out my review on the first issue:

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