Comics Monster #0

Hey Frontliners!! Dan Sehn here with a brief introduction of
myself for the readers of this fantastic site. I am a lifelong reader of comics
(excluding the first three or four years perhaps). In the early 2000’s I had
work published in Angry Dog Press and Dimestore Productions. In 2005 I started
Argo Comics and have acted as publisher, editor, writer, letterer and occasionally artist within
that line since then. I am quite proud of Argo Comics as it has debuted many
incredible new talents while showcasing work from some of the artists I have
admired through my years of reading and collecting comics. You can check out
Argo Comics here and here.

I am also a collector of comic’s siblings, toys and
collectibles, as well as comic’s second cousin twice removed, pro wrestling. A
more distant relative to comics is my interest in natural bodybuilding and in
2008 I was the INBF Naturalmania National Heavyweight Champion which qualified
me as a WNBF Pro Bodybuilder in that drug free bodybuilding organization. I actually got my published literary start
writing articles for numerous national bodybuilding publications and my first
published art producing one panel gag strips as a cartoonist in the muscle
magazines as well.
Well, between the enthusiastic reading, collecting, publishing
and now writing for Comic Frontline, you might say I am a bit of a Comics
(hey, catchy title… I’ll have to use that some time). I’ll look forward
to sharing ideas, interacting and taking part in what will undoubtedly be an
epic cranial adventure for those fearless enough to come along for the ride.
Thanks to the Comic Frontline staff for making me feel
welcome. I’ll look forward to reading your content as well J

-Dan Sehn

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9 Thoughts to “Comics Monster #0”

  1. I am proud to call this man "blood brother". His comics are way fun and cool…and I'm not just saying that because he used to have awesome Spin The Bottle parties in his basement with hot girls when we were in Junior High School.

    1. Yes, who knew Blondie could be such good mood music back then, lol. Happy to be jumping in feet first to Comic Frontline with my "brother from another mother"!

  2. Jay

    Welcome to the Frontline Dan!

  3. Awesome Intro welcome to Frontline Dan ^_^

  4. Once again I look up to my mighty mentor & friend Dan! Through the years he has proven that he is a fearless "doer." Great luck to you my friend!

    1. Much appreciated, Johnny! As one of the world's biggest Spider-Man fans, I'm sure you'll be interested in the Mike Spider-Slayer column here!

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