Sequential Thoughts #0

Hello There!

My name is Kam and I’ve been asked by the fine folks that run this wonderful place to contribute a review column here. So naturally, I ran away screaming…wait, no…here I am! So, here’s the deal…I promise to give you the most honest reviews of what I’m reading at the moment, and you fellow comic book lovers promise to either agree with my keen insight and call me brilliant or disagree and call me crazy. OK, you really don’t have to call me anything, but I would appreciate any lively feedback you might have to offer. To break the ice “social media” style, a quick 10 things you probably do not know about me, but will know if you read below:

  1. I have been reading comic books regularly in one form or another since 1976. I was nine years old. Now you know how old I am. That makes one of us. I always forget.
  2. I grew up on Long Island, New York, yet managed to escape with no discernible accent. You know the one.
  3. I graduated from St. John’s University in Queens, New York. They used to be called the “Redmen”. Now they are called the “Red Storm”. I like the change not only due to the racist overtones of the former nickname, but because the new name sounds like a cool super-hero.
  4. I have visited 39 States in our beautiful nation so far, lived in four of them, but only had a decent slice of pizza in two of them.
  5. I have a beautiful wife, three wonderful sons, and an unrequited hetero man-crush on Nathan Fillion.
  6. I have physically got up and walked out on two movies in my life, only one of them starring Jim Belushi.
  7. My favorite X-Man is Wolverine…but only when he was featured in one title each month.
  8. I lived in Southern Italy for three years, in which I truly learned the meaning of good food, living simple, and keeping my wallet in my front pocket.
  9. I watch movies at home with the English subtitles on. That way, when the kids get really noisy, I can simply “read” the movie and not have to yell at them to keep it down.
  10. I’m very glad for all the technology today to which we have access…but I’m also very glad that I didn’t grow up with it. I know it would have made me even lazier and more unmotivated than I am now!
So there you have it! If you made it through all that and love comics as much as I do, hang around here and I hope we’ll have some fun. That’s what it’s all about, anyway, isn’t it?

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  1. Jay

    Great intro Kam! Welcome to Comic Frontline, I can not wait to read what you have coming our way!

  2. Great article and again welcome to the team =)

  3. Sweet Intro Kam, welcome to Frontline ^_^

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