Marvel Makes Bunn And Walta Infamous In March 2014

Marvel has released a new teaser for the All-New Marvel NOW! They have been rolling out new one-word teasers. The latest teaser is INFAMOUS set for March 2014. What does this mean?

Speculation will be coming fast with the latest teasers as per usual. The Marvel Universe has plenty of characters that would be considered INFAMOUS. The coloring is usually important in decoding these teasers, so does the creative teams which for this teaser is Cullen Bunn and Gabriel Hernandez Walta. Given the coloring and the fact that Walta is the artist this could be referring to the most INFAMOUS X-Men villain and at time ally, Magneto since Walta is familiar with the character after being the artist of the 2nd issue of the 2011-2012 miniseries Magneto: Not A Hero.
Stay tuned because if Marvel stays true to form they will be revealing the meaning behind this within the next 24-hours.
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All images images are courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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