Marvels First Look At Savage Wolverine 14.NOW

Isanove Goes Savage – Your First Look at SAVAGE WOLVERINE 14.NOW!
Witness The Mysterious Mutant Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before!

This January, acclaimed artist Richard Isanove peels back another layer of Logan’s mysterious origin in Wrath” – the beginning of the all-new story arc beginning in SAVAGE WOLVERINE 14.NOW!

The year is 1933 at the height of Prohibition. Dust storms rage in the Midwest – and the man who will become the Wolverine makes his living carrying whiskey across the border from Canada. That is, until he finds himself the accidental caretaker of a group of orphans who’ve been targeted by the mob.

“Richard is a master of noir, and he brings that sensibility to Wolverine in his earlier, more formative years. He’s crafted a Logan who’s been hardened by a life of violence, but still holds out hope for peace…and in the end one side of him must come out on top. Richard’s art has never looked better —  I think readers are going to get hooked on his very specific brand of storytelling!“

—Editor Jeanine Schaefer 

Now, the first “X-Man” must choose between the anonymous life he’s chosen or stepping out into the spotlight to defend the innocent once more. Witness an early tale of the mutant who will become the Wolverine as he faces his destiny as the hero he was born to be this January in SAVAGE WOLVERINE 14.NOW!

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Variant Covers By: PHIL NOTO & CHRIS SAMNEE Also Available
On-Sale – 01/08/13

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