Amazing Spider-Man #700.1 Review

Amazing Spider-Man #700.1 Review
On December 26, 2012 Spider-Man fans everywhere lost a special person to us,
Peter Parker. Marvel decided to kill one its biggest characters off in the
milestone 700th issue of Amazing Spider-Man.  In his place was Doctor Octopus, who took
over Peter’s body by switching their minds just as his body died. Ever since
loyal fans have been waiting for Peter to return and now almost a year later
Marvel has given us something to hold us off with Amazing Spider-Man 700.1
– Amazing Spider-Man 700.5.
It proves that saying, you can’t keep a Parker

Welcome to the life of Peter
The Amazing Spider-Man. Its November and there is a storm coming a
blizzard, and the coming storm and constant duties of Spider-Man have begun to
weigh on Peter draining him of energy wearing him down.

After nearly a year without Peter
and that poor excuse for a Peter story in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man I NEEDED a
good classic Peter Parker story and Stan-ta Claus read my letter because I got
it in this issue!

David Morell gives us a classic
Spider-Man tale. We are given a fast one page recap of Spider-Man’s origins.
Then we are thrown into the story. Peter is working at the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah
Jameson is in charge of the paper and Peter is living on his own. I think when
most people think about Spider-Man, this is the time frame they think of, it is
sort of his sweet spot.

Morell hits every mark with the
story he has the “Parker Luck,” the life of Spider-Man, “Sour Puss Jameson” going
after Spider-Man, and even Aunt May being the every doting loving aunt. These
are all elements that I felt lacking since Peter died in Amazing Spider-Man
in their place we have gotten the smug arrogance of Doc Ock. But Morell
brings them all back in this issue and it feels like they were never gone. I
don’t feel the need to fit this into continuity because the story is set
perfect within its own continuity, and I am a continuity nut. The story hits
every beat for a classic Spider-Man story right down to the looming threat of
Aunt May’s health, but instead of feeling old, dull and repetitive it feels
right, and comfortable. The story gets 5 stars.
Klaus Janson does a good job at
complimenting Morell’s story by setting the scene visually right from this era.
Janson brings you back to the classic Spidey. Normally I would point out the
occasional lack of detail here and there, but even that adds to the charm and
nostalgia feel of the book. Janson managed to capture these iconic yet
simplistic Spidey moments that made me think back to various times in his
history like him swinging from the 60’s animated show, or him from the Tobey
Spider-Man movie. Normally I would give this 4 or 4 ½ stars tops but it
is a case when the art just works so well that I don’t think the slight lapses
in detail would have improved the experience because they never took me out of
the story so I give the art 5 stars.

Overall I highly recommend this
book for any true believer out there. If you have been missing Peter Parker, or
just want a good Spider-Man book you don’t have to know anything about the
character, even his origin is nicely recapped so if you are new to this
character you can still enjoy this book. It is Christmas time so let the season
of giving fall upon you when you buy this book and pick up another one for
someone you love, it will make an Amazing stocking stuffer.  

That’s what I think of this issue now let us know in the
comments what you think of The Amazing Spider-Man #700.1 and
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3 Thoughts to “Amazing Spider-Man #700.1 Review”

  1. This was pick of the week. I really enjoyed the nostalgia and the simplicity of the issue.

    1. Jay

      I agree. I just felt good reading this issue. There wasn't any big event tied to it, no gimmicks, just a stripped down pure Peter Parker Spider-Man story. So far I have 2 picks of the week, and this is one of them. You know I don't give 5 stars easy

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