TV Review: Homeland Season 3 Episode 11 “Big Man in Tehran”

Written By: Kat “Comic Uno”

This was the second to last episode of the season and lets just say that shit hits the fan. Homeland is known to tug on your heart strings, and this episode tugged away. After three seasons Brody finally picks a side. Will he stay loyal to America?


Brody is finally in Tehran. His mission is to kill General Akbari. Carrie comes into Tehran to help extract Brody after he is done with his mission. Things go awry when Brody’s meeting with General Akbari does not go according to plan. The CIA believe that Brody has turned, and they are ready to kill him. Carrie warns Brody of the CIA’s plans. In the end, Brody comes face-to-face with General Akbari. He confesses that the CIA are using Javadi as an asset. Brody gets Akbari’s trust and kills Akbari.


Homeland loves to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. With “Big Man in Tehran” my heart was pounding. One of my favorite things about Homeland is that we can’t trust our main characters. Carrie does whatever she wants when she wants and we never know what side Brody is on. This episode played with both of these ideas.

This was one of Homeland’s most suspenseful episodes. I really thought that Brody had turned. The writers didn’t revealed their cards until the very end of the episode. The audience believed that Brody could switch sides at any moment. It added a lot of much suspense to the episode.


The only problem I have had with the later part of this season is Carrie’s pregnancy story. I wish that Carrie would talk about it with someone. That particular storyline is not really going any where. Hopefully we will get some revelations with the pregnancy in the next episode.

This episode was pretty well paced. There were times at the CIA where I felt a little bored, but overall this episode was always moving. There is not much to really complain about with this episode.


Brody has finally finished his last mission. So, now we are going to see Brody come back to America. Will the media release that Brody wasn’t a traitor? That can be something interesting to play with during the season finale. It would be nice to see Brody interact with his family again. Especially to see Dana’s reaction to her father’s return because it seems like Dana is the only person Brody truly cares for.

Maybe Carrie will finally reveal to Saul or Brody about her pregnancy.

The trailer was very vague for the next episode. So, I am sure that the season finale will keep us on the edge of our seat. Just like all of their other season finales.

This was one of the best episodes of the season. There was plenty of suspense. The questioning of Brody’s loyalty was played perfectly, and I can’t wait to see how the CIA reacts to this revelation.

4.5 out 5 stars

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