Manifest Destiny Issue 2: Exclusive Comic Review With Mike Spider-Slayer

Manifest Destiny Issue 2

Written By:Chris Dingess

Art and Inks: Matthew Roberts

Colorist: Owen Gieni
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Editor: Sean Mackiewicz
Video Review: by Mike Spider-Slayer
Hello Comic Fans!! Mike Spider-Slayer Here, to bring you an exclusive Comic Video Review!! That is correct each and every week you will find a review on a comic. Whether a new Comic, a back Issue, or a silver or Bronze age Issue it will be only reviewed here on Comic Frontline.

This weeks Exclusive Is Manifest Destiny Issue 2. Now the first Issue we learned a lot about our main characters and what there Mission was all about and we were left with a strange creature being Killed. In Issue 2 we open up as our Characters are Dissecting the Creature to find out what it is. We also learn in this issue that there could be another new species that have to do with plants. The Great thing about this series is the mystery that it provides for its readers. Want to learn more about the Issue?? Please watch my video Review as I go into much detail about the Issue and If you should put it on your pull List!!

Hope You enjoy, and please leave your comments on what you think Of Manifest Destiny Issue 2.
So Until the next Comic Review This Is Mike Spider-Slayer Signing off and Thanks for Reading And Watching COMIC Frontline!! 

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All images images are courtesy of Image Comics


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4 Thoughts to “Manifest Destiny Issue 2: Exclusive Comic Review With Mike Spider-Slayer”

  1. Jay

    Great Review Mike!

    I love the opening title sequence!

  2. Thanks Jay, I loved making this video. That is why I wanted it up on Frontline Glad I was able to figure it out. Hopefully it will be easier next time!! LOL!!

  3. Manifest Destiny is definitely in my short stack of books to read soon. Nice job!

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