Unity #2 Review

By: Jay Reyes

Valiant is on FIRE this year! There new team book Unity is simply amazing and kudos to Matt Kindt for writing such an awesome comic. Unity can easily rival Justice League and Avengers for best team book, and its only on issue two, and with the added help of the X-O Manowar series this universe feels like a cohesive unit running on all cylinders.

Unity has to put down X-O Manowar and avert nuclear war. But Harada’s super-team lasted a grand total of five minutes last issue before they were taken out.  Time for Unity 2.0…but how do you get a cast of malcontents, egotists, immortal warriors, and manipulative backstabbers to work together? The answer? You don’t tell them they’re working together.

The Good: Me saying the art is amazing is an understatement because it’s that good. Doug Braithwaite’s art alone makes me super interested in the Unity. Doug’s  art makes you feel like you’re inside the book just watching Harada and his team of Ninjak, The Eternal Warrior, and Livewire deal with the unstoppable force known as Aric.

I have  to gush about Matt Kindt for a second. Matt’s writing is simply awesome. You can really tell that Matt cares for this universe and most importantly the continuity. Unity #2 made me like X-O Manowar #19 more than I did the first time around because it seamlessly flows right into Unity #2. You can really feel that the writers who work on  the Valiant U books talk to each other and listen to each others ideas, which most mainstream books like Batman, Superman, and even Spider-Man don’t appear to do.

The Bad: Nothing… I really can’t find anything wrong with this. I really like to nitpick books but I personally can’t find anything wrong.

Overall: Valiant as a whole deserves way more attention than it gets. I understand the love for Image and IDW but Valiant currently has the most cohesive universe out of any company right now. Marvel and DC could learn a thing or two about how to make an interlocking universe if they read Unity and their respective companion books. Now please Valiant give me a Ninjak series.
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